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Healthy Me!     Healthy You!     Healthy Us!

Within this project we will explore the traditional food of each country and the influence of other countries on the food choices we now have. The children involved in the project can research the benefits of each food group and how it affects their physical performance. We will look at the science of food and the body and how to use this knowledge in preparation for leading a fulfilling, active and healthy lifestyle.





October 2012


Mobility to Spain from 30/09/12 – 05/10/12

Children will share some information about their school for the other children in their partner school.
The emphasis should be on the children being in control of the content.   This could be shown on powerpoint and will be put on the website, when it is established.


All partners


November 2012


Each school will hold it’s own LOGO competition to create the logo that will be used throughout the duration of the project.   Each school will select the 3 best logos (created by the children) and bring them to Scotland.   During the meeting we will vote for the winning Logo.

Meeting in Scotland 26/11/12 – 30/11/12


All partners


Programme coordinated by Scotland




 Christmas postcard with a traditional sentence in every country language and English
Setting up a Comenius corner in each school to promote the project and share information with the whole school and extended community


All partners




Research traditional recipe from each country that is ‘reasonably healthy’ – one starter, one main course and one sweet, to contribute towards a Comenius Recipe book   Emailed to Greece by 15th of February


All partners



As above



March 2013


Planning and Evaluation meeting in Greece from 11/03/13 – 15/03/13

All partners
Meeting co-ordinated by Greece.



April 2013


Starting in March (depending on weather conditions), children will begin to plant vegetables in their own establishments.   They will observe how they are growing, the weather conditions, the level of growth etc.  
A blog will be set up so that all partners will be able to keep a diary of progress, with photographs.
This will be continued over the next few months.





May 2013


As above

Comenius Song – Scotland will write a simple song that all children can learn about ‘being healthy.

Planning and Evaluation meeting in Poland from 13/05/13 – 17/05/13



Meeting co-ordinated by Poland



June 2013


Posters and Poems – children can make posters or write poems in each school encouraging people to ‘eat’ the vegetables they have grown.   
If they wish they can make a cartoon character out of the vegetable!

Displayed in their own school and pictures of the displays can be put on the website.

All partners





Children research the lifecycle of fruit and vegetables and present this information in forms chosen by them, (report, graphs etc).   This information can be displayed in school and on the website.  
Also start to research the main farming in their own country and also the weather patterns, particularly seasonal temperatures and rainfall.   This information will be shared on the website so all students can make comparisons.
Harvest Time – how the main foods grown in each country are stored and preserved. What happens to the food then.   Information shared on website.




All partners


All partners


October 2013


As above

Art & Craft – making storage jars, ceramic pots, baskets etc  





Meeting in Italy

Share gifts of handmade storage jars etc with each other to display in each school.


Meeting co-ordinated by Italy



Exchanging Christmas postcards
and Traditional Christmas recipes from every country





Design festival menus for special festival days in each country to share on website.   To let children see the different food eaten in each country at special times.  (with explanations)


All partners



Develop knowledge about what we need to keep our bodies healthy, with regard to diet and exercise.
Information should be displayed in each school in the Comenius corner.


All partners




Research playground games played in each country.   Choose one or two and explain how to play and appropriate rules.   Video the children playing the game and share all information on the website. 
Each partner school can try out the new games in their own school and let their friends know if they enjoyed them,
We can include playground skipping games and rhymes and we can all try to learn one from each country.

Meeting in Portugal

All partners


Meeting co-ordinated by Portugal


April 2014


Investigate the food we eat and whether it is grown in our own country and what is imported.   Display findings in our own school in the Comenius corner.
Find out if we eat food from any of our partner schools and if so what is our favourite?



May 2014


A health Day organised in each school where children share information about what to do to stay healthy, teach other children some of the games they learned from their Comenius friends and do some dance etc in school.  (fun day!)  
If possible we can try some food from each country.

Meeting in Turkey to evaluate the project and celebrate our work.   We will plan future collaboration and cement friendships. 05/05/14 – 09/05/14


All partners



Meeting co-ordinated by Turkey


Throughout the Project


If any school does other work relating to the project then please put it on the web site for everyone to see.
Any information that you think would interest your Comenius partners then please put on the website in a separate area.  (eg. Special occasions in school, trips, assemblies etc)

If anyone is interested in doing a collaborative story relating to our project, where one school starts the story and another continues, etc then we can perhaps discuss at a future meeting.


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